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Posted 07 dec 2020 13:21 #3293
Hello everybody,

I am quite new using Civil3d and i would like to ask you something about the coordinate system used here in The Netherlands.
I'm struggling with the coordinate system (set as : Netherlands, Amersfoort datum, New System ) as i have a discrepancy between Easting/Northing to Longitude/Latitude.
By the website ' ' , the input values rappresenting the Survey Point are :

X= 117423.101m

Bijlage Civil3dcoordinatesystem.PNG niet gevonden

Bijlage Coordinateconversion.PNG niet gevonden

I obtain :

Longitude = E 4 50 13.7
Latitude= N 52 14 2.3

Therefore i should experct the same result within Civil3D but hhere i found the discrepancy...

With the same X,Y (X= 117423.101m, Y=471910.517m) i have :

Longitude =E4° 50' 14.95"
Latitude=N52° 14' 05.91"

Somebody knows about this discrepancy and to solve this eventually ?
(The last step of this workflow would be arriving to Revit with a shared coordinates system)

Thanks in advance,

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Beantwoord door Pascal Wesolek in topic Netherlands Coordinate System - Civil 3D

Posted 10 dec 2020 09:07 #3294
Hi Donald,

I'm actually not sure what goes wrong there. But I don't think you need to convert RD to Graden to get your data into Revit.
You can also aquire coordinates directly from the DWG in Revit after linking in the CAD Format.
Or otherwise did you tried the workflow using Shared Coordinate Point from the subscription extensions?
How to use the Shared Reference Point Tool to coordinate between Civil 3D and Revit
door Pascal Wesolek

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